Toyota Genuine Battery

Your car's battery is what supplies energy to the starter motor, electrical & ignition system.

The Toyota Genuine Battery is specifically designed for all Toyota vehicles to suit Pakistan's extreme weather conditions. Its unique formulation of active materials helps reduce terminal corrosion, water consumption and self-discharge. This quality product from Toyota has prolonged lifespan (higher reserve capacity) and superior power (higher ampere hours) to keep your Toyota vehicle going.

They are designed to:

Visit Toyota Royal Motors to get your car inspected regularly (3 months or 5,000 km, whichever comes first) for optimal performance of your car.

Battery Campaign FAQs

1. For how long the battery is covered under warranty ?

For aftersales, Toyota Genuine Battery powered by AGS provides 6 months warranty and FB provides 1 year warranty with 10,000 kms and 20,000 kms respectively.

2. What if my battery fails to perform within its warranty period ?

If a battery is returned within the warranty period (calculated from the date of sale to the consumer or end user) for failure to perform due to defects in materials or workmanship, you are entitled to a new replacement Battery of the same type at no charge. You can have this done at Toyota Royal Motors .

3. How frequently should I get my car battery checked ?
During periodic maintenance, your car's battery is inspected, however if you reach 3months or 5000kms (whichever comes first), it is recommended that you visit Toyota Royal Motors for inspection.

4. What is not covered in battery warranty ?

5. Is battery recharge included in the warranty ?
The warranty does not cover the recharging of the battery. Charges for recharge will be borne by the customer.

6. When should I get my battery charging system checked ?
We recommend you to visit Toyota Royal Motors to get our certified technician's expert advice.

7. Can I add water to recharge my car battery ?
Make sure to always add distilled water to raise the electrolyte level of your battery. Kindly visit Toyota Royal Motors for battery inspection and water refill, if required.

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